‘White Lives Matter’ Rally Planned – What Could Go Wrong?

That rally in Charlottesville didn’t go so well.

Both because fringe crackpots from both extreme ends of the political spectrum showed up and because police didn’t do enough to stop the violence, it melted down into a free-for-all.

And now, undeterred by the possibility of more violence, a ‘White Lives Matter’ rally has been scheduled for next month on the campus of Texas A&M by infamous white nationalist firebrand Richard Spencer.

And already a counter-rally called ‘BTHO Hate’ has been organized.

We’re not clairvoyant, but something tells us this won’t end well.

And now the leftist media is working quickly to brand any conservative as the equivalent of a KKK member for taking longer than two milliseconds to condemn the rally.

We’ll keep you posted as this develops further.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Charlottesville wasn’t enough, apparently.

Noted alt-right personality, Richard Spencer, is bringing his white nationalist freak show to the campus of Texas A&M.

From the Texas Tribune:

Richard Spencer, an infamous white nationalist who brought major unrest to Texas A&M University once already, will be coming to College Station again, according to the man who brought him to the university the first time. This time, the event will take place on Sept. 11 at a “White Lives Matter Rally” hosted by Preston Wiginton, a Texan with deep ties to white nationalist movements.

Wiginton announced plans for the rally Saturday afternoon, saying he had invited Spencer. On Sunday, Wiginton said Spencer confirmed plans to attend.

At the top of a Saturday press release announcing the event, Wiginton declared “TODAY CHARLOTTESVILLE TOMORROW TEXAS A&M,” referencing the violence in Virginia.

I’m going to assume that release went out before a woman was killed.

Then again, I doubt they care.

As can be expected, a counter-protest was quickly planned, with the name, “BTHO Hate.”

That would be “Beat The Hell Outta Hate,” in borrowing from a Texas A&M football chant, often used to taunt opposing teams.

The organizer of the counter protest said the event would be nonviolent, and was organized to “demonstrate that members of the Aggie community do not support the hateful bigotry espoused by Wiginton and the planned speakers.”

“White supremacists keep coming to our campus thinking we’re going to support them,” said Adam Key, a doctoral student at A&M and the organizer of the counter protest. “Just like the last time they showed up, we want to demonstrate as clearly as we can that their ideas are not welcome here.”

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