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Whoa: Texas Takes Massive Step Toward Independence

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and the governor of the Mexican state of Nuevo León signed a memorandum of understanding Wednesday expressing their shared commitment to increase security along their shared border.

Abbott and Gov. , Samuel García signed the agreement at a news conference in Laredo, Texas. They reached the agreement after Abbott expanded border security measures through Operation Lone Star, directing Texas Department of Public Safety officers to perform enhanced security checks of commercial trucks at ports of entry. This led to protests and major jams, halting international commerce at at least three major ports of entry on Monday and Tuesday.

Despite the criticism he’s received, Abbott said his plan is working. Within days of implementing it, Garcia called him to say he wanted to help Texas secure the border.

“Texas has been overrun by a record number of illegal immigrants crossing from Mexico into Texas with the assistance of cartels,” Abbott said. “Gov. Garcia and I reached an agreement today that addresses all of these issues.”

Garcia began implementing security measures on the Rio Grande River and at ports of entry in Nuevo León on Tuesday, he said. Read more…

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