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Who’s Behind the Texas GOP Selling Out to Big Tech? We Have Some Answers.

On Saturday, the Texas Republican Party voted to delete their account on the pro-1st Amendment social media platform Gab by a 35-25 margin.

Texas GOP chair Allen West and his loyalists fought on behalf of free speech, but ultimately the Texas state Republican executive committee refused to stand against Big Tech hegemony.

Operatives who lobbied for the Texas GOP to oppose digital free speech include members of the Texas Republican Initiative (TRI), a newly-formed Conservative Inc. organization designed to undermine the nascent America First wing of the party.

Travis County GOP Chairman Matt Mackowiak, Cameron County GOP Chairwoman Morgan Cisneros Graham, and Texas Republican Initiative chairman Mark McCaig gloated over the news following the vote.

Before he focused his efforts on undermining the America First agenda in the Texas GOP, McCaig was running underhanded campaigns with Democrat moneymen in an attempt to prevent tort reform.

McCaig, a personal injury attorney by trade, joined up with Democrat attorney Steve Mostyn in 2014 to oppose bureaucratic reforms that would help ordinary Texans but hurt the profit margins of well-connected lawyers.

Texas state senator Larry Taylor called Mostyn “the No. 1 funder of Democrats statewide,” but that did not stop McCaig from jumping into bed with him. Mostyn spent $1 million to support pro-abortion state senator Wendy Davis’ failed run for governor alone. Read more…

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