Why CNN’s Townhall Will Backfire in the NRA’s Favor

As we’ve reported, CNN’s so-called ‘townhall’ on Wednesday night was an anti-NRA, gun-control setup from beginning to end.

It was billed as a ‘dialogue’ between the community of Parkland, Florida, elected officials and the NRA.

But what Dana Loesch and Marco Rubio were met with was a hostile crowd, scripted questions, and public officials all coordinated to take down the NRA and anyone who supports them.

But it’s almost certain to backfire.

A quick look at what historically happens when the left goes nuts for gun control after a mass shooting is the NRA’s membership rolls spike, gun purchases boom, and local folks (especially in the South and West) start to resent the idea of losing their guns.

And politically tone-deaf CNN, as usual, is throwing the rabbit into the proverbial briar patch.

Here’s more from Redstate…

If you watched or read anything about the CNN town hall last night, we can all safely say that it amounted to an anti-2A, NRA witch hunt, and not the “conversation” or “discussion” it was billed as.

What many around the country saw was as a result of the students focusing in on NRA money, cheers for assault weapons bans, and calling NRA rep Dana Loesch a “murderer.” I’m sure it felt cathartic to some, but the assumption that the stadium filled with people for that town hall is representative of the rest of America is likely an inaccurate one.

I’ll leave you to ponder whether or not the claims of CNN’s town hall being scripted are true. There are arguments for and against, but even if it wasn’t scripted in the least, I’d still be very careful about assuming the rest of America agrees with the anger focused on guns and the NRA. In fact, what we’re likely to see isn’t going to be a hit to the NRA’s numbers in terms of membership or bank account. What we’re liable to see is the exact opposite.

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