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Why is Biden Allowing the Military to Rot?

America’s armed forces are facing the worst recruiting crisis since the end of the draft in 1973. The Biden Pentagon is blaming the economy. The reality is far more troubling.

It’s human nature to avoid suffering and danger, if possible—unless it’s for a greater good. Even then, not everyone is cut out to be a cop, firefighter or service member.

We see police retirements soaring and recruiting not keeping up in defund-the-police-mandatory-COVID-19-vaccine places like Seattle, while most of Texas finds it easy to fill police academy classes. It’s not hard to understand why—police are generally honored in Texas, but they’re not in Seattle.

Similarly, from the start, the Biden administration has given voice to the left’s view that the American military is filled with right-wing extremists and White supremacists. Shortly after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, CNN and NPR erroneously claimed that veterans were doubly overrepresented among those arrested. Read more…

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