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Why is Greg Abbott Allowing CRT Indoctrination in Texas?

A whistleblower has emerged to reveal shocking news that the Texas state department is holding critical race theory indoctrination sessions for its employees.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) conducted a training for its employees that encompassed crucial tenets of critical race theory. The information was discovered by former state senator Don Huffines, who is challenging Abbott in a primary challenge for governor next year.

The DFPS course was titled, “Knowing Who You Are,” and forced employees to take a test rating them based upon their knowledge of marxist neologisms such as “Institutional Racism” and “White Privilege.” The 13,000 DFPS employees were also judged on their commitment to social justice.

They were also forced to endure a TedX talk from Dr. Camara Jones, an academic scribbler and affirmative action beneficiary who often pontificates on why health is racist. Read more…

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