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Why is USA Today Defending Pedophilia?

USA Today hastily deleted a series of tweets which critics said were tantamount to the normalization of pedophilia after the newspaper cited “science” to assert that pedophilia was “determined in the womb…”

The tweet that caused most of the backlash asserted, “In recent decades, the science on pedophilia has improved…”

The thread sympathized with pedos in relieving them of responsibility for their actions… “The evidence suggests it’s inborn, neurological,” according to “sex researcher” and “expert on pedophilia” James Canton. This conveniently counters other evidence that suggests pedophilia and other aberrant sexual lifestyles are actually caused by child abuse.

The normalization of pedophilia has long been a goal of the entertainment and media establishment, as clearly indicated by the massive rush to defend the 2020 movie Cuties, which was basically soft porn for nonces. Read more…

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