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Why Public Schools Are A Racial Police State

North Carolina’s Critical Race Theory (CRT) task force, formed by Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson in March 2021, has released its first report. In the report, parents, educators, and students confirm the proliferation of CRT in primary and secondary education in the state. One staff member for the Lieutenant Governor’s office, commenting on the size of the report, said CRT in North Carolina’s schools was a “way bigger problem than we thought.”

Berger quoted the teacher, who said, “anyone who speaks up is afraid they will be canceled or terminated because they have a different opinion.”

Berger said, “Take these teachers seriously; they are raising a red flag.”

“Don’t tell me this doctrine doesn’t exist. Don’t tell me that all these teachers and parents are just making this stuff up,” Berger said of the report examples and Critical Race Theory. He then launched into an example of a presentation given at the Governor’s School which he said “looks like something straight out of Robin DeAngelo white privilege seminar.” Read more…

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