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Why We Can’t Trust The Gov’t’s COVID Data

Unlike England, or Scotland, or Israel, or Germany, or many other countries that have semi-functioning governments, the United States has no nationally reliable source of Covid or Covid vaccine data.

Our famed Centers for Disease Control has turned out to be less famed than infamous. It has failed in every conceivable way since February 2020. Some inconceivable ways too. Worse, in the months since Joe Biden staggered into the White House, the CDC has slipped from mere incompetence into actively twisting science for its new political masters. It has become a true Dept. of Pandemia. (More on this to come.)

In place of centralized national data, we have state health department reports. The states are probably about as competent as the CDC overall, but a bit less political. Maybe.

They also run their own immunization registries and also closer to the local hospital systems and coroners that report Covid deaths. So their five o’clock folly body count reports go through a little less truth destruction. Read more…

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