Will Biden Ditch VP Harris Before 2024?

With Democrats outperforming expectations on Tuesday, many see Biden as being emboldened to run for election in 2024 – despite being in an advanced state of fossilization.

Biden’s 2024 plans remain a big fat question mark, and he’s reportedly going to make a decision early next year. But one Republican strategist thinks there’s an alternative game plan for Biden: replace Kamala Harris with Gavin Newsom and then resign.

Douglas MacKinnon, who worked in the Reagan and Bush 41 administrations, argues that Biden and Harris’s unpopularity makes this a viable strategy for the Democrats if they want to hold onto the White House. MacKinnon argues that because Newsom exceeded expectations, his reelection in California was some tour de force and the Democrats’ bests hope of holding the White House.

I’m not sure how he reached the conclusion, but apparently, he thinks Newsom is the polished turd the Democrats need. Read more…

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