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Will DeSantis’ Bill Smash School Wokeness Predators?

Governor Ron DeSantis has proposed legislation to combat woke corporations and the teaching of Critical Race Theory in schools.

In a blow to CRT and wokeness, Florida’s governor announced on Wednesday at a press conference, that he was proposing a “first of its kind in the nation” legislation to combat “indoctrination in the guise of professional development, and requires districts and schools to adhere to professional development frameworks consistent with Florida’s lawful and publicly adopted state standards.”

He vowed Florida will not tolerate “cultural Marxism,” declaring CRT and wokeness an “elite driven phenomenon.” He wants to protect Florida’s children from this woke indoctrination at school.

“We want all our students to understand why was our country founded. What were some of the key ideas that made us different,” he said, noting the Founding Fathers’ belief that mankind was endowed by our Creator with God given rights, emphasizing that those rights “do not come from government.” Read more…

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