Winning: Trump Administration Kills Obama Education Edict

Remember that time when Republicans in North Carolina were raked over the coals for suggesting, via legislation, that folks should use bathrooms appropriate to their biology?

Yep, that came to a head when President Obama threatened to yank federal education funding if the NC legislature didn’t rescind the bill.

Ultimately it worked out, but not without the same threat looming over the heads of other states that might consider running a similar law.

But lo, this week Trump’s Education Secretary Betsy Devos erased that edict.

Arguing quite obviously that the edict applied to actual discrimination and not perceived discrimination, she declared the rule unenforceable and thus null.

Boom. Done.

Here’s more from Redstate…

The Obama administration threatened to cut funding for education and protective services to the state.

Led by Loretta Lynch, the [social] Justice Department threatened to sue, for Title IX violations. They arrogantly gave McCrory’s administration just several days to review the conditions of the lawsuit, before they dropped the hammer.

McCrory’s response was to sue them first!

Ultimately, McCrory lost his bid for reelection (after some questionable shenanigans that the state Board of Elections had no stomach to pursue), and that is to our state’s detriment.

The General Assembly and Lt. governorship remained in Republican hands, however, and a compromise on the “bathroom bill” was reached – the Charlotte City Council rolled back the ordinance that had necessitated the bill, in the first place, and everything returned to its normal state.

The battle over bathroom access for people suffering from gender dysphoria, however, has raged on. Different states have had to fight similar battles, all because the LGBTI… community and their liberal facilitators have kept it going.

Again, the weapon they’re using is Title IX – a part of the U.S. Education Amendment of 1972 – which says no one can be discriminated against, on the basis of sex.

It was reported today that the Trump administration will no longer investigate civil rights complaints filed on behalf of transgenders, hoping Title IX is their golden ticket.

Why not?

Because, as the Department of Education (Thank you, Betsy DeVos) has so very rightly determined: Title IX deals with sex discrimination, not “gender identity.”


This rolls back the Obama administration’s egregious policy of punishing schools and endangering our children, all for the sake of appeasing his base (You know, while he sent his daughters to private schools, where they wouldn’t be affected).

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