‘Wipe Kim Out’: South Korea Test Fires Missile Defense System

A day after Secretary of Defense James Mattis warned of a ‘massive military response’ if attacked by North Korea, the chess pieces are already in motion to that end.

South Korea conducted a large air missile defense test today both to ensure it is prepared for an attack and to telegraph to Kim Jong Un that his ICBMs will be knocked out of the air before they hit their intended targets.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon is moving military assets in place to respond.

And finally, the UN Security Council is meeting today to plan a coordinated response, both diplomatic and military, in preparation for what could be an attack from North Korea this week.

This situation is easily at its most intense level since President Trump took office.

Stay tuned…

Here’s more from CNN…

South Korea strengthened the deployment of a controversial US-made missile defense system and launched a huge show of military might on Monday in response to North Korea’s hydrogen bomb test.

Seoul said the North appeared to be preparing to launch more missiles after Sunday’s test rocked the region. South Korea conducted a series of live-fire drills and said the US was preparing to bolster its military presence in the region.

Russia warned that it would consider ramping up its military assets in response, and China warned that the deployment of the missile defense system, THAAD, risked escalating the already tense situation.

The deepening crisis has caused frayed relations on both sides. North Korea’s continued belligerence was a blow to China, which has failed to keep its ally in check despite persistent warnings. China said Monday it had made a “stern representation” to North Korea over the test.

Meanwhile Donald Trump, the US president, opened up a rift with South Korea, saying it risked “appeasement” of Pyongyang.


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