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Wow: Look Who Just Smashed the Woke Agenda

Across the country, even in conservative areas, newly woke city officials are racing to prove how “accepting” they are by putting into place all-encompassing “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) programs. This radical Marxist agenda seeks to indoctrinate employees away from their Christian beliefs and change city government and the community.

Officials are willing to deceive and mislead the public to accomplish this, but in Temple, Texas, our MassResistance affiliate, Concerned Christian Citizens, has successfully organized local citizens to stand up and confront their public officials to stop it…

The activists turned their outrage toward the mayor and city council. Dozens of citizens came to testify at the July 7 and July 21 city council meetings. They also contacted them by phone and email. Groups met in the evenings at various homes. They were relentless, and the pressure worked.

On July 30, the mayor and city administrator released a one-page letter to the Temple community. It said that the city will not move forward with the proposed contract with Nova. The mayor also telephoned the leader of Concerned Christian Citizens and personally emailed the letter to him. Read more…

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