YouTube Admits Manipulated Rankings of Pro-Life Videos

YouTube has come out swinging after leaked internal discussions at the Google-owned platform revealed hands-on manipulation to suppress conservatives. The online video giant says that its suppression of pro-life videos when the search for abortion comes up is because such content contained “misinformation” or “graphic content.” Among this “misinformation” deliberately downranked was congressional testimony from Dr. Antony Levatino, a former abortion doctor, which is hardly misinformation or graphic. The bias is now obvious, and it may be time for Congress to step in.

Here’s more from Breitbart…

In a comment to the Daily Mail for a story about Breitbart News’ publication of internal discussions revealing search manipulation by the Google-owned video platform, YouTube admitted that it meddled with search results for “abortion.”

However, YouTube seems to be standing by its decision, claiming that the videos that were pushed out of the top search results for the query contained “misinformation” or “graphic content.”

Per the Daily Mail:

The spokesperson added that when the changes were made, no videos were removed from the site and the ones that were shifted ‘contained misinformation alongside graphic images’.

Breitbart News reported earlier this week on internal discussions at Google showing that YouTube added the search terms “abortion” and “abortions” to an internal “blacklist” file inside the company.

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