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YouTube Cancels Patriot, Antifa Whistleblower

Stew Peters, the host of the “Patriotically Correct” radio show, was demonetized this week by left-wing video hosting platform YouTube for making remarks about deceased felon and BLM icon George Floyd, as well as reporting on buses of protesters arriving in the Minneapolis area this week.

Peters received an email from a journalist named Ethan Baron of Mercury News, and was asked to explain various remarks made on Patriotically Correct that Baron deemed as “false,” “untrue,” or “incorrect.”

Baron went on to publish an article for the Mercury News titled “Google hosts YouTube video making false claim about George Floyd,” and subsequently, Peters’ YouTube channel was demonetized for “Harmful content – Content that focuses on controversial issues and that is harmful to viewers”.

“So, while Ethan was writing this hit piece, doing what leftist communists do best, trying to cancel the truth, hitting me where he thinks it hurts, taking money off the table where my kids eat, YouTube, of course bowed down to their little brownshirt teacher’s pet that takes orders from the CCP-influenced regime, and they demonetized my entire channel,” Peters said.

Peters added, “Well, let me just say, first of all, that this doesn’t surprise me. Communists are gonna communize. This is totally expected, because I’m just the little guy, and the almighty big tech companies have proven that they’re untouchable. They hold a certain power, a power so great that even a sitting president does nothing about something like Section 230 before leaving office, despite President Trump promising to dismantle these predatory animal liars.”

Patriotically Correct and Red Voice Media first broke the news that 20 to 40 buses full of armed agitators arrived in the Minneapolis area this week, as reported by National File. Read more…

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