YouTube Runs Interference for Biden on Fracking

Google-owned YouTube is running damage control for the Biden campaign, running a “fact check” at the top of searches related to Joe Biden and fracking, which claims that the Democrat candidate does notwant to “ban” the oil and gas extraction method.

Searches for “Joe Biden fracking” and “Biden fracking” currently return a prominently-featured “fact check,” positioned above the list of videos.

The first result in the search results is a clip of Biden and Trump’s exchange on fracking during the second presidential debate, in which the Democrat candidate said his administration would “transition away from the oil industry.”

“The oil industry pollutes, significantly. It has to be replaced by renewable energy over time,” said Biden.

The second result in a YouTube search for “Joe Biden fracking” is a video of Biden attempting to walk back the comments at a recent live event, insisting he is not “banning fracking.”

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