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5 Reasons This Patriot Might Change America

With the August 2nd Republican primary fast approaching, the conspicuous silence of former President Donald Trump looms over the decision of who will be given the opportunity to challenge Democrat Gretchen Whitmer for the Michigan governorship.

A recent poll found 63% of still-undecided likely Michigan Republican voters say Trump’s endorsement would be important to their final decision, prompting Lansing-based pollster Richard Czuba to call it “Donald Trump’s race to win or lose if he chooses to do so.”

At the moment, rumor has it the former president was close to endorsing businesswoman and America’s Voice News commentator Tudor Dixon. However, discovery of her ties to NeverTrump Republicans in the state, as well as alleged polling suppression used to falsely boost Dixon’s inevitability, have purportedly left him distrustful of the endorsement advice he was getting from allies of his former Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, who hails from Michigan.

Many conservative Republicans are emphasizing that the clear choice for Trump’s endorsement is grassroots MAGA conservative Ryan Kelley. Here are 5 reasons why many activists say Trump should endorse him for governor. Read more…

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