9 Reasons Why MTG Has Beef with Dan Crenshaw

Dan Crenshaw and Marjorie Taylor Greene are nominally members of the same political party, but you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise. Practically from the moment MTG joined Congress a year and a half ago, the two have been in one of the most bitter and protracted Twitter feuds in memory. Crenshaw has labeled Taylor Greene a “performance artist” for her public positions, and last winter he said she was either a Democrat or an idiot for her position on using FEMA funds for anti-Covid efforts. Throughout the spring, the two went back and forth about Ukraine. Now, they’re battling over the latest National Defense Authorization Act.

And yet, an analysis of the two Congressmembers and their records shows that there is hardly any comparison between the two. In her eighteen months in Congress, MTG has proven herself to be ten times the Congressman that Crenshaw is. Here are nine reasons why. Read more…

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