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Abbott Blasts NYC Mayor’s Outrageous $708M Lawsuit Over Immigrant Buses

Texas Governor Greg Abbott swiftly denounced a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed by New York City Mayor Eric Adams against charter bus companies transporting immigrants to NYC. Governor Abbott labeled the lawsuit as “baseless” and asserted that Mayor Adams lacks understanding regarding the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution and the constitutional right to travel. He emphasized that migrants arriving voluntarily, authorized by the Biden administration to remain in the U.S., possess the constitutional authority to travel across the country, a right Mayor Adams is allegedly interfering with.

The lawsuit, unveiled by Mayor Adams, targets 17 charter bus and transportation companies used by Texas to send immigrants to New York City. Governor Abbott has been accused of implementing a plan to “sow chaos” and shift the burden of migration costs to cities like NYC. The transportation companies named in the lawsuit are accused of profiting from this alleged plan without regard for the individuals being transported. NYC seeks $708 million in compensation, citing the strain on social services, including shelter, food, and healthcare, due to the influx of immigrants.

Texas initiated “Operation Lone Star” in response to a surge in illegal immigration, resulting in over 33,600 immigrants being sent to NYC since August 2022. Mayor Adams claims that Texas has not compelled the transportation companies to pay for the continued care of the immigrants, violating New York’s Social Services Law. Adams argues that the city cannot bear the costs of “reckless political ploys from the state of Texas alone” and is suing to recoup the expenses incurred in caring for migrants over the past two years.

In response, Governor Abbott criticized Adams for using migrants as “political pawns” and prioritizing politics over people. Adams, in turn, accused Abbott of chaotic and inhumane actions, issuing a warning through the lawsuit to those breaking the law in such a manner. The legal dispute intensifies amid an ongoing immigration crisis, with Adams warning of a lack of space to house new arrivals and calling on the Biden administration for more assistance.

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