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Biden Prioritizes Foreign Borders, Leaves America’s in Crisis!

The Biden administration’s allocation of millions of taxpayer dollars towards bolstering border security in foreign nations has drawn criticism amid ongoing challenges at America’s southern border. According to a review of federal grant listings by the Daily Caller News Foundation, significant sums were spent on border security initiatives in countries like Iraq, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Serbia, Georgia, Angola, Kenya, Algeria, Somalia, Armenia, Paraguay, and Jordan.

Republican Representative Chip Roy expressed dismay at this expenditure, highlighting the irony of prioritizing foreign border security while domestic border issues remain unresolved. He criticized this approach, suggesting it reflects the disconnect between Washington’s actions and the concerns of American citizens.

The State Department’s funding allocations include substantial amounts for training and equipping border officials in various countries. For example, grants were provided to enhance Kenya and Somalia’s border security capabilities, as well as to train border guards in Iraq and Jordan.

In addition to supporting foreign border security, taxpayer funds were directed towards aiding other nations in combating border-related crime. Programs in Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Indonesia aimed at curbing different forms of criminal activities, such as organized crime, smuggling, piracy, and transnational crimes, received financial assistance from the Biden administration.

Despite these investments abroad, there are growing concerns about resource shortages and operational challenges faced by American border officials. Reports indicate that Border Patrol is stretched thin, with personnel being redeployed from official ports of entry to remote areas frequented by smugglers due to staff shortages.

The recent passage of a $95 billion foreign aid package, which omitted funding for America’s southern border, has sparked criticism from Republican lawmakers. Some have voiced disappointment, citing a perceived prioritization of foreign interests over domestic border security. Republican leaders like Senator J.D. Vance and Representative Matt Gaetz have characterized this as a betrayal of American priorities, calling for a greater focus on securing the nation’s borders before allocating resources elsewhere.

Overall, the juxtaposition of significant spending on foreign border security initiatives alongside ongoing challenges and resource constraints at America’s southern border has fueled debate and scrutiny within conservative circles, highlighting broader concerns about national security and immigration policy.

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