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Biden Revives This Obama Travesty

With inflation running wild, rampant shortages from Boston to Bakersfield, endless money pouring into a useless and avoidable proxy war, and an epic crime wave wrecking America’s cities, one might think the Biden Administration has enough disasters to keep its hands full. But apparently not. On Thursday, the Biden Administration announced it will be reviving one of the most odious policies of the Obama Administration. And then, for good measure, it will make said policy an order of magnitude worse.

The policy in question is Obama’s Title IX rules governing how schools handle sexual misconduct on campus. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits sex discrimination at any school receiving federal funding. Like all civil rights law, the scope of Title IX expanded dramatically, and in 2011 President Obama took it to it to new, ridiculous heights. The administration required colleges to adopt a “preponderance of the evidence” standard for judging sexual assault allegations, where if an accused person is deemed even 50.01% likely to be guilty, they must be held responsible. Schools were also encouraged to erect star chambers with single investigators, where accused students were denied any right to cross-examine an accuser or even see all the evidence against them. If they resisted, colleges were threatened with the loss of federal money—including access to student loans. For the vast majority of colleges, such a loss would effectively be a death sentence.

In one of his most underrated moves to Make America Great Again, President Trump quickly repealed Obama’s policy. That should have sent it permanently to the ash bin of history.

But alas, no. Not only is the policy back, but activists have concocted a version that is far more wicked than its predecessor. Read more…

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