Biden to Support Extreme Union-Backed School Model Linked to CRT…

The Biden administration and Democrats in Washington have been pushing for millions in funding for a union-backed model of schools that included some critical race theory concepts.

Biden’s 2023 fiscal budget calls for $468 million for a “community schools” program. “Community schools” are focused on embedding “culturally relevant” pedagogy and “restorative justice” practices within its structure, according to the Coalition for Community Schools. The Department of Education promotes the coalition – which includes the American Federation of Teachers union – on its community schools webpage.

“It comes straight from critical race theory,” Mike Gonzalez of the Heritage Foundation told Fox News Digital about “restorative justice” and “culturally relevant/responsive pedagogy.”

“Restorative practices” is the antidote, so to speak, to the “systemic racism” that critical race theorists claim plagues America, Gonzalez said. Read more…

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