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Biden Wants to Fill Your Suburb with Criminals; Here’s How

Joe Biden has now officially taken his overcompensation for being an old white guy to the next level by handing out the first federal grants to dismantle our nation’s racist highways.

That is not a typo.

Rather than devoting federal resources to improving our national infrastructure, Biden is wasting millions to address the problem of “racist roads.” What makes a road racist? I’m just the messenger here, but according to MSNBC, so-called “racist roads” being targeted by Biden were “designed to facilitate white flight and deprive black communities of housing and commercial opportunities.”

Fellow white dude Pete Buttigieg, who occasionally makes appearances pretending to be the Transportation Secretary, confirmed that $104.6 million in federal funds from last year’s bipartisan infrastructure bill will be used to dismantle Interstate 375 in Detroit. Read more…

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