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Biden Zooms Toward Invented Disaster

As a result of Western governments taking drastic collective action under the auspices of a ‘climate change’ agenda, we are on the cusp of witnessing something happening, with ramifications that no one has ever seen before.

Western governments, specifically western Europe, North America (U.S-Canada) and Australia/New Zealand, are intentionally trying to lower economic activity to meet the intentional drop in energy production. This is the core consequence of the Build Back Better (BBB) agenda as promoted by the World Economic Forum.

There is no precedent for nations to collectively and intentionally attempt to reduce their economic activity in this way.

Hiding behind the false justification that current inflation is driven by too much demand, central banks in Europe, the Bank of England, Bank of Canada and U.S. federal reserve are raising interest rates. The outcome we are currently feeling is an intentional economic contraction and global recession. Read more…

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