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Biden’s Border Flip: Desperate Attempt to Change Troubling Script!

Joe Biden’s handling of the border crisis has been a colossal failure, veering far from the “safe, orderly, and humane” policy he pledged during his 2020 campaign. The situation is now a perilous, chaotic mess, prompting Biden to reluctantly address the issue only after realizing the negative impact on his approval ratings and the electoral prospects of many Democrats in the upcoming 2024 election.

To rectify this debacle, Biden is now contemplating implementing policies previously attempted by Donald Trump during his tenure. However, Biden’s proposed executive orders seem destined for rejection by federal courts, reflecting a cynical attempt to score political points rather than addressing the root causes of the border crisis. The central executive order aims to deny asylum to those crossing the border illegally, a policy that Trump also attempted but was hindered by a federal court.

Biden’s strategy appears to rely on claiming an intention to address the crisis, hoping American voters will accept this rhetoric as a solution. This shift in approach is a significant departure from the Democrats’ traditional stance of portraying themselves as defenders of persecuted individuals seeking the American dream, while Republicans, led by Trump, emphasized concerns about border security.

Critics, including Republicans like Speaker Mike Johnson, argue that Biden’s newfound urgency is nothing more than an election-year gimmick, highlighting the loss of faith in the president due to his failure to address the border crisis earlier. The National Immigrant Justice Center and Human Rights First, both left-leaning organizations, caution against repeating past approaches, suggesting that Biden’s proposed policies would fail and cause irreparable harm to his administration.

While Trump’s border policies were relatively successful, the left’s criticism of Biden’s potential efforts reveals a reluctance to acknowledge that any policy addressing the crisis could tarnish his administration’s reputation. In the run-up to a national election, Biden’s ability to retain the heartland vote becomes crucial, with the outcome potentially hinging on swing states where the impact of the border crisis could be decisive.

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