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Biden’s Border Nightmare Spells Doom for Democrats in 2024

The Biden administration’s shift toward potentially deporting Venezuelan immigrants and considering the construction of more border wall marks a significant departure from the promises made during the 2020 presidential campaign, and this shift has raised questions from a conservative perspective.

Joe Biden, during his campaign, vowed that no additional border wall would be built under his administration, and the perceived welcoming approach to illegal immigration was a significant concern for many conservatives. However, the Biden administration is reportedly facing pressure from Democrats in sanctuary cities and states, who are grappling with the surge in illegal immigration. They are citing resource shortages and an increase in crime as reasons for their dissatisfaction. These concerns, coupled with the ongoing border crisis, have forced the administration to rethink its stance.

Recent polling data have shown that the issue of immigration is negatively affecting the popularity of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. Voters express a strong desire for border security and are more likely to trust Republicans on this issue, according to several polls. A Harvard-Harris poll found that a majority of voters believe the southern border is largely open and that laws are not being enforced. Moreover, an overwhelming 71% of respondents said illegal immigration has worsened under Biden’s leadership, including 74% of independents.

The I&I/TIPP poll also provides insights into the public’s perception of the border crisis, with 72% of Americans considering it a “crisis” or a “major problem.” Notably, even among Democrats, 62% view the situation as a crisis or a major problem. When asked about the Biden administration’s responsibility for the border situation, 63% believed the president was “very responsible” or “somewhat responsible.” Republicans, in particular, overwhelmingly blame Biden for the crisis (88%), while a plurality of Democrats (47%) see him as at least partially responsible. Among independents, 61% hold Biden accountable for the situation, while 24% do not. Even among different racial groups, the majority perceive Biden as responsible.

This shift in public perception and the potential political consequences for Biden’s 2024 presidential run present a significant challenge for the administration, given the importance voters place on immigration issues, as indicated by the I&I/TIPP poll. It underscores the concerns and dissatisfaction within a conservative perspective regarding the administration’s handling of immigration and border security.

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