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Trump Demands Immediate Freeze on $6B Gifted to Iran

Hamas, a terror group that receives significant funding from Iran, has been responsible for a devastating wave of violence in Israel over the past five days, resulting in the tragic loss of hundreds of innocent lives, including women, children, and at least 14 Americans. The group is believed to continue holding over a hundred hostages, which includes, shockingly, children.

NBC has reported that Iran channels approximately $100 million each year to Hamas, further providing the technology and expertise necessary for Hamas to amass its arsenal of rockets, many of which are based on Iranian designs.

In response to the Biden administration’s decision to unfreeze billions of dollars to Iran, former President Donald Trump took to social media, expressing outrage at the allocation of funds. Trump’s statements, while denouncing the financial aid to Iran, emphasized the potential dangers associated with such a move, including the risk of facilitating more kidnappings, ransoms, and blackmail against Americans worldwide. Trump referenced his own accomplishments during his tenure, noting that he had successfully secured the release of numerous Americans without paying ransom money to unfriendly governments.

Furthermore, President Biden confirmed that some of the hostages currently held by Hamas are American citizens.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken has sought to minimize the controversy surrounding the $6 billion payment, asserting that the money is designated for humanitarian purposes. He acknowledged the long-standing pattern of Iran directing funds towards supporting terrorism and groups like Hamas, whether sanctions are in place or not.

In response, Trump issued a statement characterizing Hamas’ attacks on Israel as a “disgrace” and emphasizing Israel’s right to defend itself with whatever force is necessary. He lamented that American taxpayer dollars were potentially involved in funding these attacks, particularly under the Biden administration. Trump pointed to the historic Abraham Accords that brought peace to the Middle East during his presidency and expressed concern that these hard-fought gains were deteriorating quickly.

Through various statements and on social media, Trump decried the Biden administration’s handling of the situation, labeling it as “inept” and “incompetent,” asserting that the unfolding crisis in Israel is a stark contrast to the peace achieved during the Abraham Accords.

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