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Biden’s Devastating Move: Gas Prices Set to Skyrocket Further

In a recent interview with The Weather Channel, President Joe Biden reaffirmed his commitment to curbing oil and natural gas drilling across significant portions of the United States. During his visit to Arizona, he designated a million acres as off-limits for drilling and mining, establishing a new National Monument. This move has drawn criticism from local ranchers and representatives from western states.

President Biden’s announcement has ignited concerns about the implications for national security, economic growth, and Tribal sovereignty. Critics argue that the administration’s decision seems to prioritize appeasing the radical left over these critical aspects. Arizona Congressman Eli Crane stated that the president’s move appears to politicize the Grand Canyon while distracting from the perceived neglect of duty at the southern border. The criticism extended to the restriction on uranium mining, with experts highlighting the importance of uranium for both American energy security and national defense.

Critics also point out that the Biden Administration’s policies risk perpetuating poverty and hampering economic progress. The anticipated negative impact on Northern Arizona’s economy is projected to be significant due to the federal government’s extensive land restrictions. Additionally, concerns have been raised about the administration’s stance on natural gas and oil development for Navajo Nation citizens in New Mexico. Critics argue that tribal sovereignty seems to matter only when it aligns with the administration’s agenda, reflecting a form of selective governance that undermines the wellbeing of American citizens.

Amidst these concerns, the rise in gas prices adds another layer of distress. The administration’s utilization of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve without a clear strategy for replenishment has raised eyebrows. This move has left many questioning the effectiveness of Biden’s energy policies and their potential consequences for both American consumers and national energy security. As debates continue, the administration faces growing scrutiny for its approach to energy and economic policies.

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