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Biden’s Latest Disaster: We’re Doomed Forever

President Joe Biden’s handling of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) has left conservatives frustrated and concerned. With gas prices soaring, the promise to refill the SPR once prices dropped low enough seems like an empty one. The SPR was established in 1975 to protect against future oil embargoes, but under Biden’s leadership, the reserves have been depleted by half in just two years, to levels not seen since 1983.

Julianne Geiger warns that the SPR might never be refilled, even if crude prices come down. The infrastructure and feasibility of filling and refilling the salt caverns that hold the reserves present significant challenges. These caverns were designed to last 25 years and withstand only five withdrawals and refills. With their age and limitations in mind, the Biden administration’s promises seem more like empty rhetoric than genuine efforts to secure America’s energy independence.

The Biden Cabal’s focus on short-term political gains, rather than long-term economic security, is evident in their handling of the SPR. Their actions have left many conservatives feeling angry and exasperated. Biden’s administration appears more concerned with winning the next election than protecting America’s geopolitical position and energy independence. The disregard for prudent energy policies has put the country’s future at risk, leaving us vulnerable to potential changes in the global energy landscape.

The frustration towards the Biden White House is growing as gas prices continue to burden American households and businesses. The short-sighted and destructive policies of the administration have conservatives seething, wondering if there is any genuine concern for the well-being of the country or just a focus on power and politics. As Americans bear the consequences of these decisions, the need for responsible and thoughtful energy policies becomes ever more apparent.

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