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Biden’s Sneaky Plot Unveiled: Abusing Trump’s Trials for Re-election

Against the backdrop of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report on Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified information, a new concern emerges: a de facto state of war between the Biden White House and the Justice Department. Axios revealed this development shortly before the revelation of Biden’s memory degradation, highlighting a president who, according to reports, cannot recall the timing of his son’s death and struggles to recollect his vice presidency. The internal strife intensifies as the White House contends with the repercussions of the Hur report, pointing to yet another chapter in Joe Biden’s growing list of hypocrisies.

Politico delves into Biden’s mounting frustration with Attorney General Merrick Garland, accusing him of impartiality in appointing special counsels to investigate the president and his family. Biden reportedly expressed concern over the prolonged investigation into his son, fearing it could contribute to Hunter Biden’s relapse into addiction. Furthermore, the president criticized Garland for caving to external pressure by empowering a special counsel. Biden has allegedly lamented that Garland’s delay in investigating former President Donald Trump’s election interference has hindered the possibility of a trial already underway.

The White House’s discontent with Garland raises questions about the president’s expectations and the Department of Justice’s role. While Biden sought to restore independence to the DOJ, recent developments suggest dissatisfaction with Garland’s literal interpretation of the directive to appear impartial. Some Democrats close to Biden fear that Garland may have become overly consumed by this instruction. Additionally, accusations emerge that Garland interfered in the IRS probe into Hunter Biden’s tax issues and may have misled Congress about the independence of these investigations.

In a surprising turn, the larger narrative suggests that some Democrats are dissatisfied with the Department of Justice not being politicized enough. This sentiment is alarming, given the historical emphasis on maintaining the independence and impartiality of the justice system. As Biden navigates a political landscape marked by economic challenges and waning support, he finds himself grappling with internal conflicts that threaten the stability of his administration. The report underscores a growing concern that Biden lacks the skills needed to effectively manage these challenges and maintain balance within his administration.

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