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California’s Sneaky Move: 11% Tax on Guns, Ammo

The California Senate has passed a proposed 11 percent tax on guns and ammunition, a measure that will now go back to the state’s assembly for one final vote before reaching Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk. Sponsored by California Assemblyman Jesse Gabriel, a Democrat, this tax is being presented as a means to raise funds for school safety.

Proponents argue that the revenue generated from this tax would support “gun violence prevention programs and security improvements at public schools.” However, they did not provide detailed information on how exactly the tax would be allocated to enhance school safety. Notably, California currently prohibits K-12 teachers from carrying firearms to protect their students, and concealed carry permit holders are banned from being armed on college campuses for self-defense.

Chuck Michel, the President of the California Rifle and Pistol Association, strongly opposes the proposed tax, characterizing it as a “poll tax” and emphasizing that it effectively taxes the exercise of a constitutional right. He indicated that legal action would be taken to challenge the tax.

In summary, the passage of this gun and ammunition tax in California’s Senate has generated significant controversy, with critics arguing that it infringes upon Second Amendment rights and lacks transparency regarding how the funds will be used to enhance school safety.

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