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CBP Officers Intercepted IED at Arizona Border Town

As Title 42 came to an end last night, members of our government scrambled to find a way to address it and President Occupant told us to prepare for a “chaotic” period at the border. Never mind that the “chaos” was entirely preventable and was in fact the doing of his administration. Thanks for the heads up, Joe. We kinda saw that coming. For that matter, so did you. It’s a little late to telegraph that haymaker.

Of course, this raises the specter of just who is crossing the border. I know that issue has been tackled multiple times before, but we should not allow ourselves to become complacent on the matter. For years now, people have tried in vain to draw attention to the issues of human trafficking, narcotics, and cartel activity that are baked into the cake of unchecked illegal immigration. As far back as 20 years ago, evidence that terrorists were infiltrating the border was presented and usually regulated to the back pages of the internet. And naturally, the press has ignored the issue of Chinese men turning up among the migrants. Let’s be honest, shall we? Not everyone is coming here to breathe free. Some of them are coming here to destroy us and blow things up. Read more…

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