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Coastal Governors Plot Against Your Gun Rights! Outrageous!

The West Coast, consisting of California, Oregon, and Washington, is undergoing a transformation led by leftist leaders, resulting in a fundamental shift in individual rights, especially concerning guns and energy policy. These states are aggressively pursuing policies that curtail individual freedoms and expand government control.

One significant aspect of this transformation is the assault on Second Amendment rights. The three states have imposed restrictions on firearm ownership, including magazine capacity limits. They label any magazine larger than ten rounds as a “large capacity magazine” and create artificial categories to mislead the public.

In Oregon, Measure 114 was passed in 2022, requiring citizens to obtain permits to purchase firearms, undergo state training that doesn’t exist, and limit the amount of ammunition a gun owner can possess. A judge’s decision on its constitutionality is pending.

Washington State also implemented similar magazine bans through Senate Bill 5078. These measures were promoted as solutions to reduce mass shootings but are, in reality, an attempt to limit access to firearms and ammunition.

In California, voters passed restrictions on magazine size in 2016, further curtailing the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

The left’s approach to gun rights undermines the importance of responsible firearm ownership and education. A recent 9th Circuit Court decision upheld the legality of teaching kids about guns and shooting clubs, highlighting the importance of gun education for minors. The decision overturned a California law that aimed to shut down such education.

While the left is eager to teach explicit content in schools, they are resistant to teaching children about firearm safety, which could potentially save lives.

Currently, the constitutionality of Oregon’s Measure 114 is under review, and the outcome is uncertain. In Washington, a judge’s decision questioned the definition of “arms” in the Second Amendment, raising concerns about the court’s understanding of fundamental rights.

This ongoing assault on gun rights is a part of a broader agenda aimed at increasing government control over individuals’ lives. It is crucial for citizens to remain vigilant and protect their constitutional rights, especially in the face of an expanding regulatory state that seeks to curtail individualism and freedom.

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