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Comer Drops Bombshell: Explosive Witnesses to Expose Biden Family

Congressional investigators are making progress in their investigation into allegations of influence peddling involving President Joe Biden and his family, as key figures are set to appear for depositions, according to House Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY). In an interview with Fox News, Comer outlined the steps his panel will take to delve into suspicious financial transactions and the flow of millions of dollars to the Biden family from foreign nationals. Despite facing opposition from the FBI, the Department of Justice, Democrats in Congress, and the mainstream media, Comer remains determined to pursue the truth.

The GOP-led House Oversight Committee has intensified its inquiry into the Biden family, aiming to strengthen disclosure requirements through legislative reforms. However, Democrats dismiss the investigation as politically motivated, designed to tarnish Biden’s reputation in preparation for the 2024 election. President Biden himself has dismissed the corruption allegations as baseless. Concurrently, Hunter Biden is under investigation by a U.S. attorney in Delaware regarding his financial affairs, with Hunter expressing confidence in being cleared of any wrongdoing.

In their pursuit of information, House Oversight Republicans have sought access to Biden-related suspicious activity reports (SARs) at the Treasury Department and issued subpoenas for bank records. Comer noted the obstacles they faced but expressed satisfaction with their progress, emphasizing that they remained persistent. Despite mainstream media dismissing the significance of the obtained suspicious activity reports, Comer believes that at least 20 “sham” companies and complex financial transactions have been utilized to conceal money directed toward the Biden family. The investigation is particularly focused on countries such as Ukraine, China, and Romania.

Recently, Comer subpoenaed Devon Archer, believed to be involved in Biden family deals abroad, for a deposition. Additionally, he has been pressuring the FBI to release documents related to a confidential human source who exposed a Ukraine-centered $5 million scheme involving a foreign national seeking favorable actions from Joe Biden during his vice presidency.

Comer questioned the extent of federal investigators’ efforts in looking into possible money laundering and criticized what he perceives as a pattern of the government and deep-state bureaucracies turning a blind eye to Joe Biden. The House Oversight Committee’s primary responsibility, according to Comer, is to follow the money, and he anticipates the arrival of more bank records to shed light on the Biden family’s financial dealings.

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