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Comer Drops Bombshell Subpoenas on Hunter and James Biden

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer has issued subpoenas to Hunter and James Biden as part of an ongoing investigation into the Biden family’s dealings, including those of President Joe Biden. This move comes 315 days after the investigation was officially launched, with the goal of obtaining the personal and business bank records of the Bidens to establish any connections to foreign deals.

During the recent impeachment inquiry hearing into President Biden, Comer announced the issuance of subpoenas to compel the Bidens to cooperate with the investigation. He emphasized the need to follow the evidence and gain insight into the flow of foreign money connected to the Bidens and their affiliated companies.

The committee’s decision to issue subpoenas was not taken lightly, as it had initially sought to show good faith and restraint. Hunter Biden had previously denied the committee’s request for bank documents and communications, arguing that the demands lacked a legitimate legislative and oversight basis.

The timing of the subpoenas coincided with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s launch of an impeachment inquiry into President Biden, providing the committee with additional legal tools to compel the Bidens to cooperate.

Recent polling indicates that a significant portion of independent voters believes House Republicans should impeach President Biden, with many voters believing that Joe Biden was involved in his family’s business dealings. The investigation has unearthed substantial evidence suggesting the president’s involvement in the family’s business activities, including photos, texts, bank records, and whistleblower testimonies.

The most recent allegations involve wire transfers totaling $260,000 to Joe Biden’s address from BHR Partners associates in July and August 2019, despite Hunter Biden not residing with Joe Biden in Delaware during that time. Additionally, IRS whistleblower evidence revealed Hunter Biden referring to selling access to Joe Biden as “the keys” to “my family’s only asset.” These developments indicate the importance of continuing the investigation into the Biden family’s dealings.

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