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DeSantis Exposes Shocking Threat: Electric Vehicles Jeopardize National Security

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis expressed deep concerns about the push by Democratic politicians to mandate electric vehicles (EVs) for everyone in the United States. During an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” he warned about the potential risks this move poses to national security and the economy.

DeSantis argued that the forced adoption of EVs would have negative repercussions, particularly on the automobile industry and employment opportunities. He emphasized that not all Americans want or can afford EVs, and imposing them on the population would make the nation overly reliant on communist China, which is not in the country’s best interest.

The governor highlighted the example of California, where Governor Gavin Newsom and President Joe Biden have joined forces to require large trucks to switch to electric power. DeSantis criticized this move, citing its impracticality and its impact on the Port of Long Beach, a critical hub for the country’s economy. He noted that electric big rigs have limited range and require frequent charging, which would disrupt the supply chain, contribute to inflation, and harm the overall economy.

DeSantis argued that these mandates prioritize ideology over practicality, potentially causing significant disruptions. He underscored the importance of shining a light on the challenges and complexities associated with such mandates, particularly in the trucking industry. Overall, DeSantis believes that these policies should be reconsidered to safeguard the American automobile industry and the nation’s economic stability.

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