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Congressman Grills FBI Director: Is Ray Epps Protected

During a House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing, Republican Congressman Troy Nehls confronted FBI Director Christopher Wray about the lack of action against alleged January 6 provocateur Ray Epps. Nehls questioned Wray on whether Epps would be arrested, citing the arrest of other defendants who had not breached the Capitol or assaulted anyone. Nehls urged Wray to provide a commitment regarding Epps’ arrest and expressed concern that the FBI may be protecting him, given the suspicions surrounding his possible connection to the federal government.

Wray responded by stating that he would not engage in discussing individual cases or potential prosecutions. Nehls, frustrated by the response, emphasized that Epps had been inciting a riot and questioned why there seemed to be a reluctance to arrest him. The congressman believed that the FBI needed to address the concerns surrounding Epps to restore confidence in the agency.

Ray Epps, a 62-year-old Marine veteran from Arizona, was prominently featured in video footage from January 6, where he can be seen encouraging Trump supporters to enter the Capitol. Despite his active involvement and repeated calls to action, Epps was not charged for his role in the riot. This has raised suspicions among some that he may be protected by the federal government, especially considering his sudden removal from the FBI’s wanted list while others less involved remained.

The fact that media outlets like 60 Minutes and The New York Times have given positive coverage to Epps has further fueled conspiracy theories surrounding his connection to the government. The apparent disparity in treatment between Epps and other defendants who faced charges for lesser offenses has only intensified concerns about the FBI’s handling of the situation.

Nehls’ questioning of Director Wray reflects the frustration and skepticism many conservatives feel towards the handling of the January 6 investigation. They are seeking transparency and accountability to ensure that all individuals involved in the events of that day are held responsible, regardless of their affiliations or potential connections to the federal government. The FBI needs to address these concerns and restore trust by providing clear explanations and taking appropriate actions.

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