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Country Star Surrenders to Woke Pressure?

Jason Aldean’s song “Try That in a Small Town” has faced controversy, with some labeling it as racist, leading CMT to pull the video from its lineup. As a former radio worker with experience in country music, it’s evident that hit country songs often pave the way for a transition to pop music. Consequently, CMT’s action may have even strengthened Aldean’s position in the country music scene.

However, recent reports suggest that Aldean may have caved to cultural pressures and edited his video to conform to prevailing standards. The cultural censors and their incessant criticism are akin to the struggles faced by cockroaches and bedbugs in cheap motels. The backlash against Aldean was inevitable, and his label was likely looking for an escape route rather than focusing on music sales.

The original video used footage from a Fox 5 news report in Atlanta, showing BLM rioters for a mere six seconds. The production company had sought permission from Fox but failed to provide the lyrics as context. Consequently, Fox issued an ultimatum to remove the footage, and the company complied to avoid legal repercussions.

Had Aldean used the footage to praise the violence of BLM, Antifa, or other groups, he might have been hailed as a heroic artist, and Fox would have remained silent. The cultural overlords expect conformity, and songs celebrating social justice, DEI, CRT, or transgender issues would have garnered widespread praise and acclaim.

However, Aldean chose a real song that resonated with real people of all backgrounds. He veered away from the studio-created fluff and sang what he believed in and what people wanted to hear. Unfortunately, the truth and authenticity were too much for the cultural overlords, who prefer manufactured music in their echo chambers. Aldean’s decision to stay true to his art and not conform to the Machine’s demands has likely earned him enemies within the industry. But for those who value genuine songwriting and artistic expression, Aldean remains a beacon of authenticity in the country music landscape.

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