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Critical Revelation: Defining Woke Holds Key to School Battle

The word “woke” has gained significant popularity among those of us who are dedicated to restoring American education to its foundational principles and rescuing it from the radical left. However, opponents of this movement have raised objections to its usage in this context. While many of these complaints are made in bad faith to hinder our success, it is essential to provide clarity on its meaning. By doing so, we can highlight the dismal state of American education and empower parents, educators, and citizens to take action.

In recent years, liberal elites, including government officials, union leaders, and big businesses, have co-opted concepts like justice and morality to advance agendas that undermine our founding principles and way of life. Our movement aims to expose these individuals who propagate radical and anti-American ideas, whether to appeal to customers, voters, or social media followers. Unfortunately, they have chosen our education system as the ideal platform to disseminate their radical propaganda.

“Woke” education can be defined as the imposition of inaccurately held, anti-education values onto our students. It entails the forced indoctrination of our students and the education system as a whole. It encompasses books like “Gender Queer” and “Flamer,” which are thinly veiled forms of inappropriate material pushed onto our students. It includes classroom lessons that promote differential treatment based on sex and race.

Such teachings have no place in any segment of society, especially public schools. Yet, many decision-makers in education have steered in this direction. Teacher unions seek greater power, and President Biden, influenced by his far-left advisors, is desperate to secure re-election. They have prioritized this agenda over the well-being of our students. Instead, we need an education system that actively opposes woke ideology, embraces traditional values, and focuses on practical subjects.

To achieve this, we must root out and eliminate any traces of indoctrination in our school systems. We should advocate for an education model based on traditional values and practical skills that ensure student success. Subjects like reading, math, and other areas of tangible educational value deserve greater support. We need curricula that prepare students for the workforce, regardless of their career choices. Our education system should instill values that produce productive members of society, rather than promoting the fleeting agendas of companies, unions, or politicians.

Unfortunately, in their pursuit of social media approval and clout, woke corporations and officials like President Biden have decided to exploit our education system to score political points. This approach is foolish, superficial, and ultimately detrimental to students. It sacrifices their future for the sake of public approval. Our students deserve better than radical indoctrination funded by taxpayers, and America deserves an education system that prioritizes their well-being and future success.

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