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Democrats’ Dangerous Ploy: Ban Trump From State Ballots

It’s crucial to note my consistent criticism of Donald Trump’s actions post-2020 election, particularly his role in the events leading up to the January 6th Capitol riot. That appalling incident must not be whitewashed or reinterpreted, and Trump’s recklessness should not be downplayed. However, my primary concern here is the blatant erosion of norms perpetrated by the party that claims to champion these very principles.

Presently, Donald Trump faces numerous charges, some rightfully earned, while others appear as questionable stretches or, at worst, partisan tools wielded against him. Notably, ‘insurrection,’ the alleged crime used to justify disqualifying Trump from ballots in certain states, does not align with the charges he currently faces. In Colorado, a sharply divided state Supreme Court, composed solely of Democratic appointees, arrived at this disqualification, a decision that one dissenting justice effectively dismantled. Similarly, in Maine, a single official from the opposing party unilaterally concluded Trump was guilty of a crime for which he hadn’t even been charged, leading to his disqualification. Such maneuvers wielded as power abuses by the “democracy” and “voting rights” party are dangerous and corrosive.

Appeals for both these decisions have been directed to the US Supreme Court, and there’s cautious optimism that these rulings might be reversed, ideally with a strong majority. Yet, if and when this occurs, it’s expected that the usual critics will aim to delegitimize the Court, consistent with the Left’s narrative since its ideological disagreements with the Court’s outcomes.

Surprisingly, most Democratic voters seem to support keeping the Republican frontrunner’s name off the ballots, contrasting with 90 percent of Republicans who believe his name should remain. Independents are split on the issue, with a significant proportion leaning toward keeping Trump’s name on the ballots. The disqualification of Trump from primary ballots in Colorado and Maine over alleged violations of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, concerning engagement in insurrection, raises concerns about eliminating political competition via untested and questionable mechanisms, all in the name of democracy.

The Democrats’ chosen path, independent of Trump’s actions, is concerning, with Republican lawmakers already considering retaliatory measures. This dangerous trajectory, if not decisively halted, forebodes retaliatory actions that could further erode democratic principles. The high-octane hypocrisy exhibited by the ‘defend democracy’ rhetoric from the ‘throw him off the ballot’ party is increasingly difficult to take seriously in this context.

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