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Deportation Failures Soar Under Biden: Shocking 962% Increase!

The revelation that around 200,000 illegal aliens have managed to evade deportation due to the Biden administration’s failure to file necessary paperwork has sparked significant concern and scrutiny. According to a recent report from the non-partisan Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) under President Biden neglected to submit the required ‘Notice to Appear’ (NTA) paperwork for these individuals, resulting in the dismissal of their cases.

The ‘Notice to Appear’ serves as the official document initiating removal proceedings against illegal aliens, compelling them to appear in immigration court at a later date. However, due to the Biden administration’s failure to file these notices, thousands of cases have been thrown out, allowing these individuals to remain in the country unlawfully for an extended period.

The TRAC report sheds light on the staggering increase in missed filings under the Biden administration. In 2021, there were 33,802 missed filings, followed by 79,592 in 2022, and a further 68,869 in 2023. This marks a stark contrast to the significantly lower number of missed filings during President Trump’s final year in office, with only 6,482 cases overlooked in 2020.

It is crucial to contextualize these numbers against the backdrop of the ongoing immigration crisis at the southern border. Since President Biden assumed office, more than 10 million illegal aliens have entered the United States, exacerbating the challenges faced by immigration enforcement agencies. The failure to file essential paperwork only adds to the complexities of managing illegal immigration and enforcing immigration laws effectively.

Despite the alarming rise in missed filings, some argue that the Biden administration’s lapses appear unintentional. However, skeptics question this narrative, raising concerns about the administration’s commitment to immigration enforcement and the rule of law. The apparent lack of accountability and oversight within DHS underscores broader concerns about the administration’s approach to immigration policy and border security.

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