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DeSantis Challenges Kamala Harris to Florida Showdown

GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis took a strong stance against Vice President Kamala Harris’s recent criticism of Florida’s African American curriculum. Harris labeled the curriculum as “propaganda” and questioned how the state could suggest any benefit to the “dehumanization” African Americans faced in the 1800s. However, her remarks were refuted by Dr. William Allen, who co-authored the curriculum, stating that it was categorically false to suggest that slavery was beneficial to Africans.

DeSantis, in a scathing letter, defended Florida’s commitment to teaching truth in classrooms and rooting out divisive ideologies like Critical Race Theory and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives. He highlighted Florida’s focus on teaching the basics of reading, writing, arithmetic, science, civics, and history. The governor criticized the Biden administration for misinforming Americans about Florida’s education system and maligning the state and its residents.

He proudly pointed out that Florida led the way by implementing standalone African American History standards, requiring a comprehensive learning approach about this crucial subject. DeSantis invited Harris to Florida to discuss the curriculum further, emphasizing that the state is unafraid to have an open and honest dialogue about important issues.

In the letter, DeSantis suggested a debate with Harris in Tallahassee to set an example for the nation. He humorously compared it to a “fight” between Pee-wee Herman and Mike Tyson but expressed his hope for a serious conversation on the substance of the issue. The invitation demonstrated DeSantis’s commitment to transparency and the importance of discussing the curriculum with a focus on truth and facts.

With this response, DeSantis presented himself as a leader unafraid to defend Florida’s education system against misleading criticism and eager to engage in meaningful dialogue with political opponents. The invitation to Harris showcased his confidence in defending the state’s policies while holding the Biden administration accountable for spreading misinformation about Florida’s commitment to teaching African American history accurately.

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