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DeSantis Exposes ‘Weaponized’ Feds in Explosive Durham Probe

In his recently-published memoir, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis reveals his harmonious bond with former President Trump, highlighting their shared skepticism of the media’s “Russia-collusion” narrative. The book emphasizes DeSantis’ opposition to baseless claims of collusion, rather than investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 election. The media conveniently overlooks this distinction, perpetuating the false notion that Trump disapproved of any investigation related to Russia’s influence.

The former president rightly resented the unfounded accusations that tarnished his presidency. DeSantis recognized this injustice early on and became a vocal critic of the media’s complicity in spreading the fabricated cloud of suspicion. It was this shared understanding that solidified their alliance, which now faces strain due to DeSantis’ rising political influence. However, the governor’s stance on “Russiagate” remains consistent, as demonstrated by his recent criticism of federal agencies exposed in the Durham report.

It’s intriguing to contemplate how DeSantis would “clean house” at the FBI and DOJ if he were in power. He has displayed a willingness to challenge bureaucrats and officials he deems wrong or in violation of their responsibilities. The FBI’s dismissive response to Durham’s findings, claiming they had already addressed the issues, fails to satisfy the American people. The Bureau’s leadership must face scrutiny and provide a detailed explanation as to why their proposed reforms suffice given the magnitude of this scandal.

While Senator Mike Lee’s warning about media bias may not resonate with its intended targets, the evidence supports his concerns. The media played a significant role in amplifying the damaging storyline surrounding Hillary Clinton’s email scandal in 2016, leading to an unexpected Trump presidency. Subsequently, they spent years relentlessly attacking Trump, particularly through the Russia fixation. The media’s selective coverage, censorship, and disinformation campaigns during the 2020 election further highlight their bias. Recent events, such as the IRS whistleblower’s removal from the investigation into Hunter Biden’s potential tax violations, underscore the media’s inclination to protect powerful Democrats.

Journalists are poised to disregard Durham’s findings, quickly abandoning the story and avoiding any counter-evidence that challenges their established narrative. The media’s initial concern will soon transform into silence or biased PR pieces in defense of those exposed by Durham. This abandonment erodes their credibility, damaging both the press and the Justice Department. If even a moderate institutionalist like myself shares this view, it’s clear that millions of Americans harbor similar sentiments of anger and suspicion toward these institutions.

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