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DeSantis PAC Hit: Top Strategist Unexpectedly Steps Down

The resignation of Jeff Roe, the chief strategist for the super PAC supporting Ron DeSantis, has stirred significant upheaval within the Never Back Down organization, particularly close to the Iowa caucus. The departure comes amid internal turmoil and infighting within the DeSantis campaign and its affiliated super PAC, compounded by shifting personnel and plummeting poll numbers.

Roe’s decision to step down was prompted by a Washington Post article that published remarks attributed to Scott Wagner, the new chairman of the super PAC’s board. Wagner, a loyalist to DeSantis, had earlier explained the firing of several officials connected to Roe, citing “mismanagement and conduct issues,” which Roe fiercely contested.

The internal strife escalated as accusations of unauthorized leaks and mismanagement surfaced, prompting a public back-and-forth between Roe and Wagner. This chain of events has cast a shadow of doubt over the DeSantis campaign, with the Washington Post dissecting a chronology of the campaign’s decline from its promising inception.

The controversy surrounding Never Back Down has fueled skepticism about the DeSantis campaign’s prospects. However, while these developments have raised concerns, some remain optimistic, placing their faith in DeSantis’s strength in Iowa and the capacity of his inner circle in Tallahassee.

The recent reorganization within Never Back Down has shifted the campaign’s focus towards reliance on DeSantis’s core team, sidelining external management. This strategic change aims to minimize internal drama, especially concerning leaks to the press, by consolidating the campaign around the governor’s close confidants.

Despite the reshuffling and internal clashes, the DeSantis campaign is bolstered by the continued presence of experienced political operatives within Never Back Down, signaling an effort to restructure and stabilize the operation.

Nonetheless, the discord within the DeSantis camp and the recent shake-ups in Never Back Down have triggered apprehension about DeSantis’s ability to mount a successful challenge in the primary race, particularly given the growing legal challenges facing Trump and uncertainties surrounding his future political standing.

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