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DeSantis Reveals Shocking Plan to Tackle Skyrocketing Inflation

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis criticized both political parties for their role in U.S. government spending during an interview, addressing the issue of inflation rates that have negatively impacted consumers.

DeSantis, in a conversation with Norah O’Donnell on “CBS Evening News,” was asked how, as president, he would address the problem of inflation. He responded by emphasizing the need to curb excessive government spending, citing it as one of the root causes of inflation. Additionally, he highlighted the importance of expanding domestic energy production to alleviate the burden of energy costs, which contribute significantly to inflation.

O’Donnell attempted to attribute out-of-control spending to Republicans, despite DeSantis not specifying any political party until that point. She mentioned that Republicans, including former President Donald Trump, added substantial amounts to the national debt, with Trump accumulating nearly $8 trillion in debt over four years. DeSantis acknowledged that both Republicans and Democrats in Washington, D.C. bear responsibility for the spending issues, emphasizing that it’s not limited to one political party.

DeSantis also criticized the tendency of Republicans to talk about fiscal responsibility when they are not in power but fail to deliver on those promises when they regain power. He pointed out that Trump had made a promise to eliminate the national debt, albeit over an eight-year period, but ultimately took actions contrary to that promise.

In essence, Governor DeSantis stressed the importance of addressing government spending and energy production to combat inflation while acknowledging that both political parties have contributed to the issue.

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