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DeSantis & Trump Strike Back: Protecting Jason Aldean

Amidst the controversy surrounding country music star Jason Aldean’s latest hit song, Republican presidential candidates Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump have come to his defense. The song titled “Try That In A Small Town” was released in May, but it only garnered attention and generated headlines when the music video was released on July 14. Critics have labeled the song as “racist” and “pro-lynching,” leading Country Music Television (CMT) to pull the music video without providing a clear explanation. However, both DeSantis and Trump have publicly supported Aldean.

Governor DeSantis tweeted, “When the media attacks you, you’re doing something right. @Jason_Aldean has nothing to apologize for.” He stood firmly behind the country star, indicating that the backlash might be an indication of Aldean’s boldness and authenticity.

Former President Trump echoed similar sentiments in a short statement on social media, calling Aldean a “fantastic guy” and urging his followers to support him all the way. Trump’s endorsement likely boosted Aldean’s popularity even more.

Despite the backlash and controversy, Aldean’s song rose to the top of the all-genre chart after the music video was pulled, surpassing other current chart-toppers. The song also climbed to the number one spot on the iTunes Country Top 40 chart.

In response to the criticism, Aldean took to Twitter to defend his song. He vehemently denied any racial undertones or support for lynching in the lyrics, stating that the song is a call for Americans to come together. He stressed that there is not a single reference to race in the song, and the video includes real news footage without any malicious intent.

Aldean emphasized that the song “Try That In A Small Town” is about the unity and care he experienced growing up in a close-knit community. He revealed that he was present during the tragic Route 91 shooting and has recently witnessed another heartbreaking tragedy in his community. He expressed his genuine desire to see a day without senseless headlines and families being torn apart. Aldean’s song, for him, serves as a reminder of the unity that can overcome differences in backgrounds and beliefs.

As Aldean stands his ground, supported by prominent conservative figures, it is evident that the song’s message resonates with many Americans who yearn for unity and a return to normalcy. Despite the divisive reactions, Aldean remains steadfast in his belief that the song’s essence is about coming together as a community and healing the nation.

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