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DeSantis Unleashes Bold Plan to Crush Illegal Immigration

During a campaign stop at the U.S. southern border, Republican presidential candidate and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis unveiled his comprehensive plan to address illegal immigration and combat the drug trade. Seeking to distinguish himself from former President Donald Trump, DeSantis aims to take the lead on one of Trump’s key issues in the 2024 GOP primary.

DeSantis wasted no time in criticizing President Joe Biden for the dire state of the border, which has witnessed a surge in illegal border crossings since Biden assumed office. Notably, DeSantis also took a swipe at Trump, asserting that his administration would go above and beyond what the former president achieved in securing the border.

In a statement, DeSantis emphasized the need for action, stating, “For decades, leaders from both parties have produced empty promises on border security, and now it is time to act to stop the invasion once and for all.” He outlined his plan, titled “No Excuses,” which consists of four key pillars: stopping the invasion, building the wall, holding cartels accountable, and collaborating with states to enforce the law.

DeSantis’s plan includes scrapping Biden’s parole program, which has been credited with a decrease in illegal immigrant encounters since the repeal of Title 42. He also pledged to end catch-and-release policies and reinstate Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy. DeSantis is resolute in his commitment to building the wall and intends to involve the U.S. military in supporting Border Patrol agents. Additionally, he proposes designating drug cartels as Transnational Criminal Organizations and implementing specific rules of engagement for U.S. forces to combat them along the border.

During his address, DeSantis emphasized that the border issue is not confined to Texas or Arizona but affects the entire nation. He highlighted his previous actions in Florida, including sending National Guard members to assist Texas and controversially transporting illegal immigrants to self-proclaimed sanctuary jurisdictions in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, and California.

DeSantis’s immigration plan reflects his determination to address the border crisis head-on and secure the nation’s borders. By declaring a national emergency, intensifying border security measures, and holding drug cartels accountable, he aims to restore order and protect American sovereignty. With his proven track record in Florida and his commitment to decisive action, DeSantis presents himself as a formidable candidate ready to take on the challenges of illegal immigration and drug trafficking.

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