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DeSantis Unleashes Hurricane Response Despite Political Distractions – Must-Read

Upon my triumphant return from a well-deserved vacation last week, I embarked on the latest edition of the Briefing, tackling the distressing display of leadership incompetence during and following the catastrophic fire in Maui. In last week’s enlightening Mailbag of Magnificence, an astute reader thoughtfully suggested that we ought to juxtapose the appalling ineptitude of Hawaii’s governor with the poised, capable leadership exhibited by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis during the hurricane crisis of last year.

And in a twist of fate, mere days later, DeSantis once again finds himself grappling with the challenges posed by a natural disaster, responding with his characteristic resolve to safeguard both business interests and the well-being of Florida’s citizens.

DeSantis is temporarily stepping away from the campaign trail to address the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia. This isn’t a moment for political posturing—though sadly, the American media has proven time and again its diminishing supply of decency.

Over at RedState, a platform well-grounded in conservative values, my esteemed colleague Sister Toldjah dissects an instance where a reporter attempts to exploit a press briefing about the hurricane to score political points for the governor’s opponents:

Such was the unfortunate spectacle that unfolded during a Wednesday morning press conference at Florida’s Emergency Operations Center. There, Governor Ron DeSantis, flanked by emergency management officials, addressed the state’s response to Hurricane Idalia and offered guidance to residents on staying safe amidst the imminent Category 3 storm, which promised perilously high storm surges.

At a certain juncture in the briefing, a reporter seized the opportunity to raise the issue of former President Donald Trump, who, like DeSantis, is a contender for the 2024 presidential race. The reporter prodded DeSantis about Trump’s silence towards Florida residents, implying that the former president had not yet reached out to those who share his home state about the impending hurricane.

Steadfastly focused on the task at hand, DeSantis deflected the distraction and calmly responded, “It’s not my concern. My concern is protecting the people of Florida, being ready to go and we’ve done that.”

It would have been effortless for DeSantis to engage in a tit-for-tat with Trump, given that the former president has been taking potshots at DeSantis while the governor navigates through Florida’s crises. To his credit, DeSantis chose to prioritize his responsibilities over political sniping, staying true to his role as a leader.

One of the many commendable qualities I admire about DeSantis is his refusal to be cowed by the nonsensical whims of the left, a trait that far too many Republicans succumb to. Unfazed by the potential to ruffle leftist feathers, DeSantis remains unapologetically firm in his convictions, as highlighted in this op-ed penned by my esteemed colleague Stephen Green:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis delivered a clear and concise message to potential looters in the wake of Hurricane Idalia, a message that reverberated like a double-barreled BOOM.

Facing reporters with National Guardsmen standing as a testament behind him, DeSantis’s words were stern and unambiguous: “You loot, we shoot.”

“This part of Florida,” DeSantis asserted from the Big Bend on Florida’s Gulf coast, where Idalia made landfall, “you’ve got a lot of advocates of the Second Amendment.” He continued, “If you go break into somebody’s house and you’re trying to loot, these are people that are going to be able to defend themselves and their families, so I would not do it.”

Indeed, it was a beautiful moment of clarity and unwavering commitment to upholding the rights of law-abiding citizens.

DeSantis’s leadership acumen is beyond reproach. He places his faith in the people and relies on his instincts, unswayed by the tempestuous tides of media-driven narratives. Throughout the pandemic, he was bombarded with criticism from all corners, yet he stood his ground, articulating his rationale for each decision with unwavering resolve. His poise and determination during times of crisis are nothing short of exemplary, and let me unequivocally state that these are the qualities that all citizens should aspire to have in their commander-in-chief.

Indeed, they should.

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