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DOJ Locks Up Twitter User for Election Memes – Seriously?

The Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) has once again shown its humorless and selective approach to justice by sentencing a man to seven months in prison for sharing memes about voting. Meanwhile, the Bidens remain untouched, and there are no consequences for intelligence experts and Big Tech censors who pushed the false narrative that the Hunter Biden laptop was fake.

The DOJ’s press release from October 18 states that Douglass Mackey was sentenced for his role in a “conspiracy to interfere with potential voters’ right to vote in the 2016 election for the Office of the President of the United States.” It all sounds quite severe until you translate the bureaucratic jargon into plain English.

Mackey, who had posted anti-Hillary Clinton memes on Twitter, is now framed by the DOJ as a dark figure trying to undermine the U.S. election system. However, according to The Post Millennial, Mackey merely shared memes from an anti-Hillary Clinton perspective. The memes in question were fake ads suggesting that Hillary supporters could vote by text. There’s no evidence to indicate that anyone actually voted this way in response to Mackey’s memes, yet he’s still headed to jail.

While Mackey is prosecuted for posting memes, the DOJ seems uninterested in the numerous powerful censors and mainstream media outlets that have truly influenced elections. The double standards are glaring, and it’s clear that the DOJ is more concerned with a random Twitter user sharing memes than with addressing the real threats to election integrity.

The selective approach to justice raises concerns about free speech and political targeting. If sharing memes is considered a “Conspiracy Against Rights,” it sets a concerning precedent for free expression and individual liberties.

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